Vertical Tillage: Reap the Benefits
Turbo Chisel Vertical Tillage Implement, a service of Great Plains Ag, is dedicated to providing you information and resources on best tillage practices, suitable implements, and a seasonal, systems-based approach to preparing the seedbed, applying nutrients, and planting.

Vertical Tillage Has Two Main Objectives

The first is to remove density layers caused by plowing, disking or field cultivating. The second is to manage residue from previous harvests in order to reduce residue size and maintain uniform density.

Why Is Vertical Tillage Important?

Because by removing density layers and properly managing residue, you create a uniform, unrestricted soil profile that promotes maximum root development and increased yields. Plants raised in a vertical tillage system exhibit higher drought resistance, reach and utilize more nutrients, and have greater standability due to healthier stalks and root systems.

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